Too many pictures...is that possible?

Like pretty much every other Momma on the planet, I LOVE taking pictures of my little one. And thankfully Sassy loves having her picture taken {she’s such a ham} but that leaves me with a dilemma: is it possible to have too many pictures displayed in your home?

Earlier this year, my hubby built me these picture ledges that hang over the loveseat in our living room (plans can be found here thank you Ana White!)

This is a terrible picture of this wall - it's actually terra cotta colored and the shelves are white.

And now they are jammed packed with photos.

I had big plans of doing a mosaic piece similar to this on the wall behind our sofa but that project hasn’t been worked on in quite some time.

But broken into several different canvases like this:

To make things worse, I’ve started second guessing my mosaic wall plans leaning more towards another wall of photos.{still using the layout above since I bought the canvases months ago}

How great are these?

So what do you think, can you have too many pictures displayed in one room?

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