Daycare-itis: The Pox Upon My House

Another week almost gone and once again we've been battling the "daycare-itis". Daycare-itis? You know, the constant stream of snot and sniffles that plagues children who dare mingle with other people's children. The Pox of the Working Mom.

Since Sassy started daycare in January we've had more snot filled days than not. Two weeks after she started, she came down with a vicious case of RSV. A few weeks after that it was more snot, and then some more and so on and so forth. Every time we get her well and think we might have a snot-free week BAM the snots are back. We go to the doctor who tells me for the eleventy-billionth time in 8 months that she's sorry but there's nothing we can do except suck out the snot and go about our business.

At first, I was the good mom who kept her snot-nosed brat home so the other kids didn't get sick but quickly learned that if I did this I'd use up all my paid time off in no time flat. Not to mention the fact that Sassy is a good girl who likes to share...her germs. So when Sassy's not sick Momma is or even worse, Daddy is. At that's where we are today, Momma is sick and has been all week. If you were to crack open my skull right now (and I'll thank you in advance for not doing so) you'd probably find this guy
That's Slimer from Ghostbusters, y'all remember him?
You'll probably find him chillaxin' on a barka-lounger with those nasty mucus-men from the Mucinex commercials (good drugs, disgusting name. Why not just call it Snot-Be-Gone??)

 I am SO completely over daycare-itis! I've considered trying to find a new daycare, one that doesn't let you drop off your snot-nosed brat to get the other kids sick but do those even exist? Would I get lucky enough to find one that we could afford and actually get her in before the next round of daycare-itis strikes? Is it just us or are all parents dealing with the daycare-itis? Are any of our immune systems ever going to be able to fight off the daycare-itis once and for all? Does anyone have a tissue?

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