I'm a winner!

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner during Blog Spa Week over at Twelve Crafts Til Christmas I won not only one but two fabulous prizes a body polish from Lemongrass Spas and a manicure set from O.C. Styles

The body polish was just what my sad, dried out, not used to cold weather skin needed and Amber was super sweet!
Photo Cred: Lemongrass Spas

And the manicure set from OC Styles is awesome! It's super cute and even came with all the stuff in it! I love the fabric and it's nice and cushy enough that I can actually tote my beloved glass nail file in it without worrying that it will get broken in the mess that is my purse! And the absolute best part? It came with a personal note...I love when I get a personal note!

I'll definitely be adding a few items from OC Styles to my momma-wants list! First on that list is this mini-wallet love the yellow, white, and black print!

Photo Cred: O.C. Styles
Big Thanks  to Twelve Crafts til Christmas, Amber at Lemongrass Spa, and O.C Styles!

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