She said "Momma"!!!

Picture it, 2am Saturday morning, a fussy baby upset because she's sick AGAIN. Her nose is stuffy, her ear infected, and her cough...heart-breaking. Her face is frozen in that super cute, super mad face.
She's so cute when she's angry!

Daddy has the evil snot monster trying to suck the stuffiness out of her nose...she is UNHAPPY to say the least. As she's screaming like we're killing her {and I'm sure the neighbors were starting to wonder} she takes a deep breath and out it comes maaaamaaaaaa, maaaaaaaa, maaaamaaamaaa. Suddenly momma is elated, it doesn't matter that it's 2am and I'm exhausted, finally after weeks of nothing but da-da's I get some recognition!

I'm sure it probably doesn't count since she was screaming bloody-murder but I'll take it!



April Photo Hunt

About a month ago, my father-in-law gifted me with his dSLR since he was getting a newer, fancier one as his retirement gift to himself. Since that day, my new (to me) camera has been in my hands every.single.day. I am hooked and while I absolutely adore being the Mommarazzi, I also wanted to use it for other things so that I would have an opportunity to really learn how to use Snappy (yeah, I named my camera) so I went to my good friend Google and started searching for photo scavenger hunts. I didn't find as many as I expected but I did come across one over on Postcards from the P.P.  that I felt would be a good fit, everyone there seems really nice, not snooty-patootie and judgmental like a few other scavenger hunt groups I found.

So enough with the rambling and on with the pics!

1. A Church
The French Huguenot Church reflected in the doors of The Dock Street Theatre

2. A Cross
100+ year old grave markers at St. Phillip's Episcopal Cemetery
3. Sculpture - I'm not happy with this picture at all. Usually there is great light reflecting off this sculpture but he's currently sitting under scaffolding.
A Bronze Sculpture outside the Martin Gallery on Broad St.
4. Interesting Shop Name - cheated a bit here Catfish Row isn't actually the name of a shop but the setting of Gershwin's Porgy & Bess

Catfish Row
 5. Something Yellow
I didn't notice the ladybug in the background until after I was back in the office.
 6. Your Camera
Snappy (and me trying to hold her still without being in the pic)
 7. April Showers
It ended up not raining this day but it certainly looked like it was going to!
 8. Something to mark St. George's Day - I had to consult wikipedia on St. George's Day, had never heard of it. So after looking online and wondering where the heck I was ever going to find something and seriously considering driving 45 minutes up the interstate and taking a picture of the St. George SC exit, I look up to see a St. George Flag blowing in the breeze!
St. George Flag @ The Powder Magazine
9. Eggs

These are plastic eggs - bet you'd have never figured that out on your own : )

10. A Set of Keys
With a 7 month old working on her 2nd tooth these are always handy!
Oops! I realized when looking at everyone else's shots for the month that I left two off!

11. Breakfast - I'm one of those people who usually skips breakfast or just has something incredibly bad for me like Red Bull and a bag of chips (yes, I just admitted to the internet that I eat potato chips for breakfast!)
12. Something to do with Shakespeare - Ugh this was hard! Which is probably why I conveniently forgot it!

This is a terrible pic I just snapped. I've had this book of sonnets since 7th grade. They were a gift from a boy who liked me; he thought that since I was in a theatre group that I must be into Shakespeare...he was mistaken!

I'm really looking forward to next month's list! Thanks Kathy for hosting!



Dear *Famous Formula Brand*

Coupons are like Mommy-Crack in my house and you, my friend, are my dealer. Like any good pusher you got me hooked and then took away “the goods” and now I’m jonesing for more.

You see, about 8 months ago {before Miss Sassy Pants made her debut} I received a sample in the mail – a big one. I knew I wouldn’t need it for awhile but I held onto it. Next I got a fancy-schmancy “gold card” membership which as far as I can tell just entitles me to a card that says I’m a gold member {all my friends are impressed – no really!}. Then it seemed like every day fabulous coupons would arrive in my mailbox for $5 off, $10 off, and this one time a freebie coupon for a big container { that’s like $21 y’all}.

I didn’t need them yet but I hoarded them anyway knowing that someday I would. Well, about a month ago that day came and boy do those coupons go fast! Now my supply is out and you’ve cut me off. This.is.not.cool. Momma needs more coupons! Interesting that as soon as I started using them, they stopped arriving. Um HELLO – obviously I need/want them if I’m using ‘em! So how ‘bout we get the coupon train rolling again.

And maybe you can tell our friends over at my preferred diaper brand that sending a mailer with a 50 cent coupon for the big box of diapers with a $1 off coupon for trash bags makes me stabby. I can assure you I use a crap-load {HA} more diapers than I do trash bags!



Peepin' Ain't Easy, Yo!

Just a quick little printable I whipped up this morning while trying very hard not do some actual work. Spring Fever has definitely set in!

You can download them here. Enjoy!

(I don't think I've seen "Peepin Ain't Easy" printable floating about the blogosphere but if they are out there I did not intend to yoink someone else's idea)

I'm linking to these awesome parties: 

Join  us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap
 up           party!

Join  us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap
 up           party!



Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Apple Sauce....Oh, My!

Yesterday I mentioned that I am cheap thrifty when it comes to all the crap that Miss Sassy Pants requires so I’m always on the hunt for a good deal on baby-swag.

Last week I discovered that Amazon sells baby food on the cheap (8 two-packs for $6.50ish depending on the flavor) I’ve been scoring awesome deals on diapers from Amazon with the help of those fantabulous codes {that have recently disappeared from my mommy magazines each month}since before I even had my little one but it just occurred to me to check out their prices on baby food one day last week when I was ordering yet another big-ass box of diapers {of course we just got started on the baby food about a month ago but it was still a forehead slapping moment}

So Saturday morning the FedEx guys drops off a mountain of baby crap on my front porch...again. Storing all these little plastic packages of baby food so that you can see whatcha got is not exactly easy because the shelves in our pantry are those stupid wire ones so the plastic containers don’t always sit just right. As I’m opening all those packages of carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, and applesauce I had an idea. Each flavor came in its’own little box that you ripped the top off of

I cut off the pieces along the top so that the top was completely open then taped the ends back together (with painters tape because it’s all I could find at the time). Since I have more food flavors than those that I ordered I also cut some empty wipe boxes down to be almost the same size. {I have diaper and wipe boxes stashed everywhere because I buy them in big-ass boxes and I won’t throw out the empty boxes because I just know they can be reused for “something useful”. I’m pretty sure the fine folks at Pampers would be quite impressed with our brand loyalty, those guys on TLC’s Hoarders might have another opinion of the situation in our spare bedroom!}

Then I slapped some scrapbook paper on the fronts of ‘em with Mod Podge and made some cute little labels for each yummy flavor. Now when I open up the pantry I can see exactly what we’ve got and just grab out of the box. It will also help me keep track of when we’re getting low on certain foods - like carrots, I think I may have a bunny disguised as a baby!.

* Amazon does not pay me or solicit my opinions on their awesomeness - just so ya know *


Two Rights Make a Wrong

I ‘m sure most of you know that babies, they are expensive! It seems like every day we’re out of something that comes from the baby aisle – diapers, wipes, rice cereal, baby food by the truckload etc. and now that I’ve divorced my breast pump, we’ve added formula to the list.  And I don’t even want to talk about how fast Miss Sassy Pants grows so that means we need more onesies, pants, p-jams, and now that she’s a big girl she needs shoes {apparently some people think 6 month olds should be sporting a healthy shoe wardrobe, but that’s a rant for another day}
So being the super cheap thrifty girl that I am, I was ecstatic when I found out about a local children’s consignment event that takes place every spring and fall. Last September I went with my sister in law 1 week before Sassy Pants made her big debut, they have a special night at the beginning of the event just for First Time Moms -  it was chock-full of pregnant women and their poor friends/relative who were serving as human shopping carts and moms with teeny new babies in giant strollers that were too big to fit through the endless aisles of clothing and toys. It.was.madness.

So this year I was looking forward to actually being able to shop without huge swollen feet, a backache that won’t stop, or a little monster trying to kick her way out through my belly button. And I did enjoy my shopping trip this time, I didn’t get much but I did score 4 pair of shoes for $17 not too shabby! 
Except for one little snafu – this one pair of unworn Robeez that I got for $7 well there’s a reason they were brand-spanking-new!

Yeah, that’s right someone sold me a pair of shoes with 2 rights – no lefts. {I also think they look like they're two different sizes but they are both marked 3-6 months}Now I’m sure that some poor mom somewhere probably bought these new (for a whopping $30 no less) and didn’t realize she had two of the same foot. Why didn’t she return them? Well my guess is that they were either a gift, on sale, or maybe they sat in a bag waiting to be returned for too long and it was too late. Well lady, that does suck for you but WHY would you turn around and do the same thing to another unsuspecting mom? And now what am I supposed to do with 2 right shoes? ? Turning around and consigning or {yard} selling them myself would be wrong, donating to goodwill would result in the same disappointment  for another mom, throw them out…that’s just wasteful. Any suggestions on what I could do with them? What would you do?
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