Wordless Wednesday - Sometimes Big Girls DO Cry!



This Time Last Year: A Seusserific Baby Shower

It's hard to believe that a year ago we were counting down the days to Sassy's big debut! My sister in law and our friends put together an awesome Suess themed shower. 
Invite made by my fabulous sister in law
I'd gained almost 40 lbs at this point, 20 in each boob
Some gifts etc.

I have no idea why I was so focused on reading the diaper genie refill box. 

Mr. Pickles is not a TN fan (evidenced by his Gamecock shirt)

Do you like my hat?

Some treats


Songs That Make Me Sing {1}

Whenever there's talk of a hurricane it makes me think of this song. 



Friday Fave Five 8.26

It's Friday again, woo hoo! Here are a few of my favorite things this week:

This cracks me up!
Source: piccsy.com via Julie on Pinterest

The Big One
On Tuesday we felt a slight tremor from the NE earthquake down here in Charleston. When I say "tremor" I mean that if you were sitting totally still you could feel a slight bit of movement that I would equate to that feeling you get when you first start getting tipsy. According to one person in my office however, the building was "swaying" and it was "intense". And of course, we (and by we, I mean this one person) had to call every.single.person we knew and say "did y'all feel that" with every phone call the intensity intensified, it was hilarious. So thank you, earthquake for providing my friends and I with several hours of entertainment!

The Big One #2 (and no, I'm not talking about poop)
I'm guessing that y'all have heard about Irene. On Monday the track was showing it making a direct hit in Charleston. Funny thing about east coast storms is that early tracks always seem to have them slamming into Charleston and yet they (almost) never do. But this prompts half the city to reflect on the last big one, Hugo, and go batspit crazy and buy all the water in the city. No really, as of Tuesday there were places that were totally out of water and by then the track had changed gifting the Outer Banks with Irene. As I write this Miss Irene is sitting about 200 miles off the coast of Charleston. Today we're expected to see a few outer rain bands accompanied by some wind. Charleston County has shut down their offices. Schools are closed or are closing early. And the weather, well so far it's no different than any other rainy day...except that there's really not been any rain.
I guess I should say that by no means am I saying that hurricanes are "no big deal" because they are. If you are in the path of Irene, I sincerely hope you and yours come through the storm safe & sound. Below is a just one picture of the damage caused by "The Big One".

Today, 22 years later, there are still boats scattered across the barrier islands of Charleston that were washed ashore by Hugo. Most notably of those is this one as you approach Folly Beach.

 No one ever claimed the boat – so a year or so after Hugo, someone had the smart idea of painting a message on it. And ever since, layer upon layer of paint has been applied. Many very artistic! For birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, "I love you’s", "marry me" and just about every other message you can imagine. The Folly Beach Boat has become a landmark on Folly and will probably be here for years to come.

Picture Taken:

Sassy just loves having her picture taken!
Random 80's Song on the Radio:

I LOVED the Go-Go's when I was a kid and I heard this on the way to work this morning.

What were your favorite things this week?


Wordless Wednesday - Looking Up



The ABC's of Me

My friends over at voiceBoks are having a "getting to know you" challenge called the ABC's of Me. It's a great way to get to know all your fellow bloggers. So here are my random ABC's of Me:

Accountant, but a fun one, not one of those uptight-no personality havin’ accountants.

Blind as a bat without my contacts 

Coupon clipper

Dr. Pepper addict

Eleventy is my favorite exaggerated number ie: Because of this stupid hurricane there are eleventy-five people at walmart but only 3 registers open.

Football Fan

Germ-o-phobe. Hand Sanitizer and Clorox wipes are my BFF, especially since Sassy came along.

Horrible Housekeeper.  Other than dishes and laundry any real cleaning (aka dusting, vacuuming, toilet scrubbing, etc) that happens at my house is done by Mr. Pickles


Source: None via Julie on Pinterest

Juvenile Delinquent. That’s a funny story that I’ll have to share with y’all some day.

Kappa Delta

Late for everything
Metallica Fan

Notary. I don’t think that’s special, I just couldn’t think of anything else for ‘N’

Orange is my favorite color

Quiet when around people I don’t know

Runner, or I used to be back when I had free time.

Sarcastic (or smart-ass depending on who you ask)

Tennessee Girl. No matter how long I live outside of TN it will always be home (sweet home, to me)

Source: google.com via Pinterest

University of Tennessee Alumni

Vertically Challenged. I’m a whole whopping 5’1”

Wonder if I’ll ever get to sleep past 7am again.

Xaiden is the name of my niece (pronounced zay-den)

Yo Gabba Gabba has infiltrated my brain and I randomly burst out into songs from that crazy ass show.

Zotz were one of my favoritest candies as a kid.



Wordless Wednesday




Big Girl Food

Sassy will be 1 in 39 days {Holy Shitake!!} and I’m feeling the pressures of the evil “milestones” list that we’ll I’ll be judged on come the 12 month well baby visit.

My main concern: Big Girl Food.

Sassy is just not cool with moving up to “big girl” food. After months of just sucking the flavor off of puffs then spitting out the squishy, disgusting remnants, she’s finally started eating the whole thing . So I thought we’d try baby cheese puffs – Nope, not happening! I’ve tried giving her a french fry (I know, Momma of the Year right here!) but she won’t have anything to do with it. Bananas in those weird ‘netted put real food in them for baby’ things that are impossible to clean, nope not interested and she LOVES baby food bananas.

I’m 110% to blame for this – Am I the only one who’s convinced that if you hand your kid a ‘whatever’ to eat that they’re going to choke to death on it?  Maybe it’s my fear that I’m completely unqualified to be a Momma and one false move and I’ll screw up and kill the baby. I know how to do the Heimlich but I’ve never actually had to use it and I’m pretty certain that in an emergency that knowledge would escape me.  Because of this I’ve been slack in the ‘try new foods’ department , I also have an issue with throw-up  so anytime Sassy makes that gaggy-I'm might barf face, I’m more than happy to not push the issue cause ya, know… I don’t want to get barfed on!  

So all you veteran Mommas out there: Any suggestions on how to transition to “big girl food”? I’d prefer not to leave the pediatrician’s office looking like this:
This is an old pic but I thought it was funny because I'm somehow frowning & smiling at the same time. Who knew that was even possible??


Pinterest Made Me Do It {in the kitchen}

I've mentioned before that I don't cook and I suppose that's not exactly true, I do "make" dinner but it usually involves throwing some noodles in boiling water and dumping some variation of meat, cheese, or tomato sauce on them. I never make anything that takes any sort of skill or effort because a. I don't have that kind of time and b. real cooking seems like it involves a lot of dirty dishes. But yesterday, I decided to do something crazy and cook some yummy foodage, of course I turned to my trusty pal Pinterest for pinspiration.


{cell phone pic}

Thoughts: Meh - I don't see what the big deal is with this recipe, the pork did fall apart just with a touch of the fork but was seriously lacking in flavor. It was mediocre at best.


{cell phone pic}
Thoughts: I made these with cheddar, onions, and bacon (because everything's better with bacon) they were delicious. I had the leftovers for breakfast :)


Thoughts: OhEmGee!!! This is the most delicious stuff evah! It was a total bi-atch to cut because it was rock hard from the freezer (probably should have let it get to room temp first) but SO worth it and made me sing   there's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy



Friday Fave Five

Here's my five favorite random things from this week:

Pin: Styrofoam Wall Art from How Joyful

Crazy Coupon Lady Moment: Thanks to a crap-load of coupons and BOGO sales, I got 2 weeks worth of groceries and a big box of diapers for $56 y'all! This was the first time those coupons really seemed to make a huge difference, I was on a money saving high after this!

Sassy Moment: She said "no" and used it in proper (although a little hurtful to Momma) context. Mr. Pickles was out working all day on Sunday and Sassy had apparently had her fill of hanging out with me. As she was pushing away from me she says "Noooo Momma, Daaaaadeeeee" most Momma's wouldn't be thrilled with that little sentiment but I was pretty excited that she kinda-sorta put a sentence together.

Bad For Me Lunch: I had this yummy powdered chocolate filled donut for lunch today. It was delicious and not at all nutritious.

Blog Post: Nucking Futs Mama had be dying laughing with this one! Ok, this isn't actually from this week but I was a bad blogger good mother staying home with a sick Sassy last week and had an overwhelming 785 unread posts in my Google Reader when I finally was able to get back to work - I'm still trying to catch up on all those posts!

What were some of your favorite things this week?


Rock A Bye Baby

It's been a long two weeks! Sassy seemed to be recovering from her double-whammy ear infection only to be attacked by the snot monster for oh, I don't know, the eleventy-billionth time in 10 months. Sick babies make for cranky babies and cranky babies kinda make me want to rip my hair out; but there's not enough to go around because Sassy has discovered the joys of ripping peoples hair out.

In the midst of all this crankiness , Sassy has decided to abandon her love of sleeping, much to my dismay. Once upon a time (or 3 weeks ago, whatever) you could give her a bottle at bedtime and she'd be out by the time she'd sucked it dry those days are apparently gone, now she finishes up her bottle and looks at you like "ok, now entertain me wench" {in my head she talks to me like she's a pirate, I don't know why}. So I decided to try out that whole 'rock the baby to sleep' business I keep hearing about and apparently (according to Mr. Pickles) you also have to sing to baby when you're rocking them. And here's where I fail Momma 101 again…I don't know any freaking lullabyes and even if I did I don't think you'd find me sitting around singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, that's just not how I roll.

My attempts at the main-stream baby songs goes a bit like this:

So after a lot of trial and error (and realizing that I know the words to way to many songs) we nailed down our Momma-playlist to these little ditties: Rocky Top (that's my girl!), Hello, I Love You – The Doors, Nothing Else Matters – Metallica, Lake of Fire – Nirvana. We also discovered that we don't need no stinkin' Patty Cake 'cause we stomp and clap to We Will Rock You by Queen. That's way cooler than Patty Cake!
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