Rock A Bye Baby

It's been a long two weeks! Sassy seemed to be recovering from her double-whammy ear infection only to be attacked by the snot monster for oh, I don't know, the eleventy-billionth time in 10 months. Sick babies make for cranky babies and cranky babies kinda make me want to rip my hair out; but there's not enough to go around because Sassy has discovered the joys of ripping peoples hair out.

In the midst of all this crankiness , Sassy has decided to abandon her love of sleeping, much to my dismay. Once upon a time (or 3 weeks ago, whatever) you could give her a bottle at bedtime and she'd be out by the time she'd sucked it dry those days are apparently gone, now she finishes up her bottle and looks at you like "ok, now entertain me wench" {in my head she talks to me like she's a pirate, I don't know why}. So I decided to try out that whole 'rock the baby to sleep' business I keep hearing about and apparently (according to Mr. Pickles) you also have to sing to baby when you're rocking them. And here's where I fail Momma 101 again…I don't know any freaking lullabyes and even if I did I don't think you'd find me sitting around singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, that's just not how I roll.

My attempts at the main-stream baby songs goes a bit like this:

So after a lot of trial and error (and realizing that I know the words to way to many songs) we nailed down our Momma-playlist to these little ditties: Rocky Top (that's my girl!), Hello, I Love You – The Doors, Nothing Else Matters – Metallica, Lake of Fire – Nirvana. We also discovered that we don't need no stinkin' Patty Cake 'cause we stomp and clap to We Will Rock You by Queen. That's way cooler than Patty Cake!
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