Friday Fave Five

Here's a few of my favorite things from this week:

1. Y'all are the bestest! - thanks to all of you who left sweet comments about Sassy being sick (and me being a total wreck) this week! She is feeling much better and has 100% of her Sass back : )
 hanging out in our pj's on Monday{crappy phone pic}

2. Pin: Tater Tot Pie, Oh.My.Lanta! Tots, cheese, salsa-ishy filling...what's not to love? Must try to make this soon!

3. Networking Tool: voiceBoks. Jessica over at Mom 4 Real told me about this site and it's pretty awesome. I haven't really had a chance to completely dive in but so far I'm loving it. I've discovered a lot of fun new blogs and it's a great way to get your blog "out there" as well.

4. Sassy Moment: There are actually two: First was on Monday afternoon, I could tell she was starting to feel better when I told her "no" and she looked at me stuck her hands over her ears and made that frowny face that's so darn cute. It was totally intentional and as if she was saying "You can't tell me no I'm sick". So much attitude and she's only 10 months old! The second: she now says bye-bye when she waves. Ok, it's more like buh-buh and she also says it when she wants a bottle or is taking a bath, but the combination of buh-buh and waving is saying bye-bye in my book!

5. I took part in my first #commenthour yesterday. It was a Pinteresting  twitter event. This made me realize that twitter gives me sweaty palms and I forget my name. I read somewhere that you should think of twitter like a cocktail party - well twitter makes me feel like I crashed a party where I don't know any one so I end up sitting in the corner talking to myself. Even though it turned me into Anxiety Girl, it was a lot of fun and I love that I was able to "meet" some fellow pinners.

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