Development Milestones can result in some interesting Googling

If you've ever taken your kiddo for a "well baby" check up you know what I'm talking about. The doctor or nurse will rattle off a list of things your kid is supposed to know how to do based on their age, can your kid smile, roll over, sit, fetch, recite the Gettysburg Address...you know, the usual crap kids do.

Usually, I'm the uber-proud Momma who's saying "oh yes, she's been doing that for awhile" while thinking "Are you kidding, Sassy is the world's cutest and smartest baby!".

analia 7.2.11
Cute Baby Evidence: Exhibit A
But at her 9 month check up a few days ago the list had my number.
  • Crawling: check
  • Pulls up to stand: affirmative
  • Waves Bye-Bye: sometimes
  • Plays Patty-Cake: uh.......I don't know how to do patty cake and I'm 32, what's that say about me?
So, I went home feeling defeated by the vile, evil patty-cake milestone but determined to defeat it with the help of my good friend Google. 

Here's what I learned:
  1. Make sure you have your safe-search enabled before googling Patty Cake images. No, really! 
  2. There are some very interesting rap videos entitled Patty Cake
  3. There are several videos of cats playing patty cake 
  4. It's easy to get distracted from your original goal when there are videos of cats playing patty cake

I never actually learned how to do patty cake and I just decided that we'll work on clapping and the Gettysburg Address instead. Take that Milestone List!!

Speaking of milestones, Sassy is competing for votes in the 2011 Gerber Generation Photo Search on Facebook - we'd love it you would pop over and vote for her! 



Meredith said...

Oh, Julie - I could have written this 4 years and 4 months ago when my twins were 9 months old. I, too, was stumped by the patty-cake requirement. Don't let the milestone police get you down!

And patty-cake google searches NSFW? Who knew? This is why I love reading new blogs - you find out something new every day!


Aleta said...

Loved this post. First, what a beautiful baby!

Second, you had me laughing about the google search. And the cat video (I love animal videos, always makes me laugh).

Google can definitely be an ummm "interesting" option of finding things.

Kat said...

HAAAAAAAA You are HILARIOUS! Seriously - although I don't think I know how to play patty cakes either....is that the clapping one? Is that really a milestone? Oh boy...perhaps you can post how to do that once you find out.

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