Who's Julie

Random Facts:
1. I was named after the Mel Tillis song ‘Who’s Julie’
2. I received my BA in Art History but am now an Accountant (how’s that for switching sides of the brain?!)
3. I don’t eat chicken or eggs but I’m not a vegetarian -- and for those who are wondering, I did not have any crazy{live or cooked} chicken encounters as a child…at least that I remember.
4. I’ll be 32 this summer and I still don’t know what I want to be when I “grow-up” I just know this isn’t it
5. I say y’all all.the.time - I can’t help it, it just comes out {even when I’m talking to clients} thank goodness I’m down south!

1. Hearing Miss Sassy Pants giggle – it’s the best sound ever!
2. Driving with the windows down while listening to Metallica WAY too loud
3. BBQ – I could eat bbq every single day {there were some days while I was pregnant that I did!}
4. Fountain Dr. Pepper in a styro-foam cup
5. UT Football – Go Vols!

1. Mondays – I pretty much always have a “case of the Mondays” sometimes until Wednesday
2. Folding Laundry – I don’t mind the gathering & washing but folding and putting it away aren’t my thing so we end up with baskets of wrinkled up clothes or clothes that live in the dryer for a week so they can be ‘fluffed’ up each morning.
3. The “Busy Signal” – my parents still don’t have call waiting that was only invented what like a zillion years ago?!
4. Germs – being both a germ-o-phobe and a momma is proving to be quite interesting…thank goodness for hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes!
5. Waiting for anything really – red lights, traffic, doctors who never seem to be on time…

You can contact me at picklesandiscream@gmail.com


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