Friday Fave Five 9.16

It's finally Friday! Woo Hoo!!

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I have big plans to make Sassy's birthday cupcakes myself, well with a little help from Betty of course. I might even get really crazy and make ho-made icing but this will require the purchase of a mixer because apparently, you need a mixer to make frosting and I don't have one. I've always wanted a fancy Kitchen Aid mixer, but only because I think it would look really cool sitting on my counter - not because I mix stuff on the regular.

2 The weather today....it's awesome! I love fall weather! Right now it feels like bonfires, hoodies, oyster roasts, and football games outside!

3 Sassy Moment: She finally gave in and ate a smidgen of big girl food this week. I made her a pancake last weekend which she snatched up quick to eat but promptly spit out making an icky face, but at daycare on Monday she ate half of one of their pancakes. She took a couple of bites of mashed potatoes on Wednesday but once she saw I was excited about the whole thing she refused to eat anymore. I ate a crap-load of mashed potatoes for dinner that night, nothing else just mashed potatoes. Last night she got really wild & crazy and ate some steak fries - quite a few bites of them too!

4 Baby Steps! This week Sassy has made major strides (pun intended) in the walking department. For a few weeks or so she'd been walking between Momma & Daddy if she acted as training wheels arms but this week she's been walking on her own for at least 5 or 6 steps. While this is super exciting, it also made me cry like a big ol' nerd - my baby isn't a little baby anymore and that makes me sad.

5 Money Saving Moment - Wednesday morning there was a 7 car accident on the interstate that had traffic backed up for hours. Instead of sitting parked in traffic wasting gas, I decided to run a few errands in the opposite direction while I waited for traffic to thin out. Turns out there aren't a lot of places open at 8am so I ended up at Target. Where I scored these birthday goodies for Sassy:

 Hope y'all have a great weekend!
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