T-Minus 3 days and some projects

I've gotten no where in the cleaning department because I've been too busy brewing eleventy-thousand ideas for the birthday bash. Hopefully I'll have time to complete all these projects AND clean the house!

Aside from being a place to waste a huge amount of time, Pinterest is also a great place to fill my head with big ideas at the very last minute! Here's a preview of the things I'm hoping to finish (and not have turn out like crap, that's important!)

DIY Cupcake Stand - Mine is about half done and so far it's looking good. This one is probably the closest I found that uses the same "ingredients" as the one I'm making but rest assured, mine will be much more colorful!

Paper Garland. I'm pretty sure that one day I'm going to be arrested at Lowe's for swiping all the paint samples. I asked the girl in the paint dept last night if there was a limit on how many I could take for free and she said I could take as many as I needed.
Source: etsy.com via Julie on Pinterest

A little high chair decor, perhaps?
Source: etsy.com via Julie on Pinterest

Lots of pink balloons for pictures are a must!
Source: flickr.com via Julie on Pinterest

And another little fun photo-op idea

And of course, let's not forget a look back at Miss Sassy at 3 months.


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