Pinterest Made Me Do It {with scissors}

Aside from loving Pinterest for cool DIY ideas, recipes for things I'll (almost) never attempt, and crap that makes me laugh. I also love pinning outfit ideas cause ya know, someday I might muster up the energy to wear something other than jeans to work. Lately, I'm loving all these looks with scarves

but I'm not exactly scarf savvy (if there's a remedial scarves for dummies class anywhere, someone please sign me up!)

Those last two looks are actually "snoods" not scarves which is apparently a big ol' tube of knit that you don't have to tie. Sounds like a good solution for the scarf-impaired but it's $32 and that seems like an awful lot to pay for a lil' tube of knit if ya ask me. So one day while whilst perusing the clearance racks at Walmart and coming across giant men's tees for $2 I had an epiphany: chop the sleeves & neck of a t-shirt off and what do ya have??? That's right, a big ol' tube of knit!  So I scooped up a few tees in orange (men's XXL), plum (men's M), and a dark aqua/turquoise-y (women's 1X) color and got to choppin'.  The orange can be doubled up and sits right at the boob-equater mark. The other 2 are the same length hitting about 3 inches above my belly button.
please forgive the awful pictures the camera batteries were dead so I had to camera phone it
 I just realized all the outfits I posted above are with jeans...so I guess I'll just be lookin' cuter in my jeans :)

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