April Photo Hunt

About a month ago, my father-in-law gifted me with his dSLR since he was getting a newer, fancier one as his retirement gift to himself. Since that day, my new (to me) camera has been in my hands every.single.day. I am hooked and while I absolutely adore being the Mommarazzi, I also wanted to use it for other things so that I would have an opportunity to really learn how to use Snappy (yeah, I named my camera) so I went to my good friend Google and started searching for photo scavenger hunts. I didn't find as many as I expected but I did come across one over on Postcards from the P.P.  that I felt would be a good fit, everyone there seems really nice, not snooty-patootie and judgmental like a few other scavenger hunt groups I found.

So enough with the rambling and on with the pics!

1. A Church
The French Huguenot Church reflected in the doors of The Dock Street Theatre

2. A Cross
100+ year old grave markers at St. Phillip's Episcopal Cemetery
3. Sculpture - I'm not happy with this picture at all. Usually there is great light reflecting off this sculpture but he's currently sitting under scaffolding.
A Bronze Sculpture outside the Martin Gallery on Broad St.
4. Interesting Shop Name - cheated a bit here Catfish Row isn't actually the name of a shop but the setting of Gershwin's Porgy & Bess

Catfish Row
 5. Something Yellow
I didn't notice the ladybug in the background until after I was back in the office.
 6. Your Camera
Snappy (and me trying to hold her still without being in the pic)
 7. April Showers
It ended up not raining this day but it certainly looked like it was going to!
 8. Something to mark St. George's Day - I had to consult wikipedia on St. George's Day, had never heard of it. So after looking online and wondering where the heck I was ever going to find something and seriously considering driving 45 minutes up the interstate and taking a picture of the St. George SC exit, I look up to see a St. George Flag blowing in the breeze!
St. George Flag @ The Powder Magazine
9. Eggs

These are plastic eggs - bet you'd have never figured that out on your own : )

10. A Set of Keys
With a 7 month old working on her 2nd tooth these are always handy!
Oops! I realized when looking at everyone else's shots for the month that I left two off!

11. Breakfast - I'm one of those people who usually skips breakfast or just has something incredibly bad for me like Red Bull and a bag of chips (yes, I just admitted to the internet that I eat potato chips for breakfast!)
12. Something to do with Shakespeare - Ugh this was hard! Which is probably why I conveniently forgot it!

This is a terrible pic I just snapped. I've had this book of sonnets since 7th grade. They were a gift from a boy who liked me; he thought that since I was in a theatre group that I must be into Shakespeare...he was mistaken!

I'm really looking forward to next month's list! Thanks Kathy for hosting!



H said...

Those keys bring back memories. My lads had a similar set when they were small.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Ah, yes, the baby's keys! Those days are long gone for me...treasure them! I think in spite of our obvious age difference we have a lot in common...mesmerized by the camera, wanting to participate in a friendly, casual photo group, and dare I say it...accountant! thanks for visiting my blog, and I've enjoyed my visit here!

bad penny said...

I admire your honesty and I adore that sculpture !

ellen's 52 said...

I searched for a St George's flag and couldn't find one - they must all have been on a different continent!
Welcome to the scavenger hunt :-)
e x

Anonymous said...

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