Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Apple Sauce....Oh, My!

Yesterday I mentioned that I am cheap thrifty when it comes to all the crap that Miss Sassy Pants requires so I’m always on the hunt for a good deal on baby-swag.

Last week I discovered that Amazon sells baby food on the cheap (8 two-packs for $6.50ish depending on the flavor) I’ve been scoring awesome deals on diapers from Amazon with the help of those fantabulous codes {that have recently disappeared from my mommy magazines each month}since before I even had my little one but it just occurred to me to check out their prices on baby food one day last week when I was ordering yet another big-ass box of diapers {of course we just got started on the baby food about a month ago but it was still a forehead slapping moment}

So Saturday morning the FedEx guys drops off a mountain of baby crap on my front porch...again. Storing all these little plastic packages of baby food so that you can see whatcha got is not exactly easy because the shelves in our pantry are those stupid wire ones so the plastic containers don’t always sit just right. As I’m opening all those packages of carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, and applesauce I had an idea. Each flavor came in its’own little box that you ripped the top off of

I cut off the pieces along the top so that the top was completely open then taped the ends back together (with painters tape because it’s all I could find at the time). Since I have more food flavors than those that I ordered I also cut some empty wipe boxes down to be almost the same size. {I have diaper and wipe boxes stashed everywhere because I buy them in big-ass boxes and I won’t throw out the empty boxes because I just know they can be reused for “something useful”. I’m pretty sure the fine folks at Pampers would be quite impressed with our brand loyalty, those guys on TLC’s Hoarders might have another opinion of the situation in our spare bedroom!}

Then I slapped some scrapbook paper on the fronts of ‘em with Mod Podge and made some cute little labels for each yummy flavor. Now when I open up the pantry I can see exactly what we’ve got and just grab out of the box. It will also help me keep track of when we’re getting low on certain foods - like carrots, I think I may have a bunny disguised as a baby!.

* Amazon does not pay me or solicit my opinions on their awesomeness - just so ya know *


Janie said...

Great idea! My oldest is expecting twins next fall. All savings will help.

Romantic Domestic

Tiffany said...

What a great idea!! I just have my baby food stacked up and it can be a big mess. So cute :)

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