Two Rights Make a Wrong

I ‘m sure most of you know that babies, they are expensive! It seems like every day we’re out of something that comes from the baby aisle – diapers, wipes, rice cereal, baby food by the truckload etc. and now that I’ve divorced my breast pump, we’ve added formula to the list.  And I don’t even want to talk about how fast Miss Sassy Pants grows so that means we need more onesies, pants, p-jams, and now that she’s a big girl she needs shoes {apparently some people think 6 month olds should be sporting a healthy shoe wardrobe, but that’s a rant for another day}
So being the super cheap thrifty girl that I am, I was ecstatic when I found out about a local children’s consignment event that takes place every spring and fall. Last September I went with my sister in law 1 week before Sassy Pants made her big debut, they have a special night at the beginning of the event just for First Time Moms -  it was chock-full of pregnant women and their poor friends/relative who were serving as human shopping carts and moms with teeny new babies in giant strollers that were too big to fit through the endless aisles of clothing and toys. It.was.madness.

So this year I was looking forward to actually being able to shop without huge swollen feet, a backache that won’t stop, or a little monster trying to kick her way out through my belly button. And I did enjoy my shopping trip this time, I didn’t get much but I did score 4 pair of shoes for $17 not too shabby! 
Except for one little snafu – this one pair of unworn Robeez that I got for $7 well there’s a reason they were brand-spanking-new!

Yeah, that’s right someone sold me a pair of shoes with 2 rights – no lefts. {I also think they look like they're two different sizes but they are both marked 3-6 months}Now I’m sure that some poor mom somewhere probably bought these new (for a whopping $30 no less) and didn’t realize she had two of the same foot. Why didn’t she return them? Well my guess is that they were either a gift, on sale, or maybe they sat in a bag waiting to be returned for too long and it was too late. Well lady, that does suck for you but WHY would you turn around and do the same thing to another unsuspecting mom? And now what am I supposed to do with 2 right shoes? ? Turning around and consigning or {yard} selling them myself would be wrong, donating to goodwill would result in the same disappointment  for another mom, throw them out…that’s just wasteful. Any suggestions on what I could do with them? What would you do?


Janie@Romantic Domestic said...

LOL...poor Julie. That was a bummer discovery. Maybe contact Robeez and see what they charge for one shoe?

Romantic Domestic

Julie @ Pickles and I Scream said...

That might be worth a shot, thanks for the idea!

Misty and Eve said...

I made a shadow box for the MIL with her baby shoes and a picture of her in them. Maybe you could do a Cinderella type craft since you only have one shoe.

Eve--new follower


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