June Photo Hunt

These seem to be getting harder each month! Maybe it's because it's 1,000 degrees outside and strolling around town at lunchtime everyday has become a stinky, sweaty, excursion. I still enjoy my photo-hunting time each day, dripping with sweat or not! Here's what I came up with for June:

Tree Branches ~ The Angel Oak
angel oak

Such an amazing work of nature! Huge doesn't even describe how big this tree is. At over 1,500 years old this beauty is said to the be oldest thing east of the Rockies. The City of Charleston protects the Angel Oak and anyone can visit for free but this tree is not for climbing, there's a nasty fine if you get caught trying.

View Right Outside Your Door
view right outside your door
You can pretty much always find a bad dog who's stolen my flip flop. He doesn't chew shoes up but he sure loves to steal them!

Thank goodness for baby toys! I didn't come across any elephants while I was out and about this month :)

Farm Animal
farm animal
I didn't know what these were when I snapped this pic. Later I discovered (thanks to a lot of googling) that they are Guinea Hens.

Childhood Memory
childhood memory
I think everyone had one of these!

A whole drawer full!

Wheel Trim
wheel trim
Rusty old bicycle tire

Starts with a Z
starts with z
Zipper bows on my shoes.

I discovered that I have no idea how to take a picture at night! The moon was really red on this particular night and out of probably 50 shots this was the best one. Must get more practice with night photography!

Architectural Detail
architectural detail 2

architectural detail
I couldn't pick just one for this one. Both are from the same house. This house fascinates me, it's huge and has the potential to be stunning but instead it's literally falling apart - not something you see a lot of in it's prime location on the Battery in Charleston.

Something With Your Town's Name
something with your town's name on it
Carolopolis Award - these are awarded to buildings that have gone to great lengths to preserve and restore the architectural history of the site.

Shredded Parmesan on Rotini

That's all for this month, don't forget to head over to Postcards from the PP to see what Kathy and the others came up with for this month's list!



Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Nice job...the tree is pretty incredible! The zipper bows are pretty clever, and now, if you'll excuse me, I have a distinct craving for rotini sprinkled with an extra large helping of freshly grated cheese!

Louise said...

I love the tree photo and the zipper bows! The wheel trim photo is very well composed too.

Guinea fowl are one of my favourite birds. I love the little noise they make when they're pecking around, but have you ever heard the racket a group make? They're very noisy! I some guinea fowl photos here -- http://roachling.blogspot.com/2011/06/arley.html

I'm looking forward to seeing you photos for July :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

I love the wheel trim photo and childhood memory.

Peonies and Pennies said...

Wonderful photos, that tree is amazing. ~x~

Aleta said...

Just with the pictures that you shared of the house, I want to see the entire picture of the house! Looks cool from those two shots.

I am coming across a lot of photo scavenger hunt type challenges... might set up a separate blog just for photo shots :)

:) Visiting from SITS and following you.

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