10 Things I Hate About You

Today marks 10 years that Mr. Pickles said to me "I don't want to be your friend anymore, I want to be your boyfriend" (awwww ::barf::).

And instead of waxing poetic about how great he is, how lucky I am, and how perfect our life is, I'm going to "keep it real". He is great, I am pretty lucky, but this here ain't no fairy tale!

So here's 10 Things I Hate About You {the husband edition}
  • He drives past 2 Walmarts and at least 5 gas stations on his way home but will still call me and ask me to pick up Dr. Peppers on my way home.
  • He eats chicken noodle soup straight from the can. No heating, no diluting, GROSS!
  • He waters the grass without no regard for the water bill. I prefer my green in the bank not on the lawn Mister!
  • He uses fifty-eleven (ok, it's more like 3) paper towels regardless of the size of the spill/mess/whatever.
  • How he says "it's not your fault" when I say "I'm sorry" ie: (Him) I have a headache (Me) I'm sorry (Him) It's not your fault. 
  • The way he thinks "your boobs are huge" is a compliment.
  • How he rolls over and tells me he can't sleep every 20 minutes when I'm trying to sleep.
  • The way he slicks down Sassy's hair with baby lotion so that she looks like a Greaser.
  • The fact that he has no idea what a Greaser is.
  • That he insists that he *has to* have the tv on in order to fall asleep. 
Ok, so really this is more a list of things that annoy the crap outta me but whatever...y'all know what I mean. I'm sure he could whip out a list of things that I do that annoy the crap out of him in no time flat, I'm not exactly easy to live with!

What does your husband/significant other/pet do that annoys the crap outta you?
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