The ABC's of Me

My friends over at voiceBoks are having a "getting to know you" challenge called the ABC's of Me. It's a great way to get to know all your fellow bloggers. So here are my random ABC's of Me:

Accountant, but a fun one, not one of those uptight-no personality havin’ accountants.

Blind as a bat without my contacts 

Coupon clipper

Dr. Pepper addict

Eleventy is my favorite exaggerated number ie: Because of this stupid hurricane there are eleventy-five people at walmart but only 3 registers open.

Football Fan

Germ-o-phobe. Hand Sanitizer and Clorox wipes are my BFF, especially since Sassy came along.

Horrible Housekeeper.  Other than dishes and laundry any real cleaning (aka dusting, vacuuming, toilet scrubbing, etc) that happens at my house is done by Mr. Pickles


Source: None via Julie on Pinterest

Juvenile Delinquent. That’s a funny story that I’ll have to share with y’all some day.

Kappa Delta

Late for everything
Metallica Fan

Notary. I don’t think that’s special, I just couldn’t think of anything else for ‘N’

Orange is my favorite color

Quiet when around people I don’t know

Runner, or I used to be back when I had free time.

Sarcastic (or smart-ass depending on who you ask)

Tennessee Girl. No matter how long I live outside of TN it will always be home (sweet home, to me)

Source: google.com via Pinterest

University of Tennessee Alumni

Vertically Challenged. I’m a whole whopping 5’1”

Wonder if I’ll ever get to sleep past 7am again.

Xaiden is the name of my niece (pronounced zay-den)

Yo Gabba Gabba has infiltrated my brain and I randomly burst out into songs from that crazy ass show.

Zotz were one of my favoritest candies as a kid.

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