Friday Fave Five

Here's my five favorite random things from this week:

Pin: Styrofoam Wall Art from How Joyful

Crazy Coupon Lady Moment: Thanks to a crap-load of coupons and BOGO sales, I got 2 weeks worth of groceries and a big box of diapers for $56 y'all! This was the first time those coupons really seemed to make a huge difference, I was on a money saving high after this!

Sassy Moment: She said "no" and used it in proper (although a little hurtful to Momma) context. Mr. Pickles was out working all day on Sunday and Sassy had apparently had her fill of hanging out with me. As she was pushing away from me she says "Noooo Momma, Daaaaadeeeee" most Momma's wouldn't be thrilled with that little sentiment but I was pretty excited that she kinda-sorta put a sentence together.

Bad For Me Lunch: I had this yummy powdered chocolate filled donut for lunch today. It was delicious and not at all nutritious.

Blog Post: Nucking Futs Mama had be dying laughing with this one! Ok, this isn't actually from this week but I was a bad blogger good mother staying home with a sick Sassy last week and had an overwhelming 785 unread posts in my Google Reader when I finally was able to get back to work - I'm still trying to catch up on all those posts!

What were some of your favorite things this week?
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