Big Girl Food

Sassy will be 1 in 39 days {Holy Shitake!!} and I’m feeling the pressures of the evil “milestones” list that we’ll I’ll be judged on come the 12 month well baby visit.

My main concern: Big Girl Food.

Sassy is just not cool with moving up to “big girl” food. After months of just sucking the flavor off of puffs then spitting out the squishy, disgusting remnants, she’s finally started eating the whole thing . So I thought we’d try baby cheese puffs – Nope, not happening! I’ve tried giving her a french fry (I know, Momma of the Year right here!) but she won’t have anything to do with it. Bananas in those weird ‘netted put real food in them for baby’ things that are impossible to clean, nope not interested and she LOVES baby food bananas.

I’m 110% to blame for this – Am I the only one who’s convinced that if you hand your kid a ‘whatever’ to eat that they’re going to choke to death on it?  Maybe it’s my fear that I’m completely unqualified to be a Momma and one false move and I’ll screw up and kill the baby. I know how to do the Heimlich but I’ve never actually had to use it and I’m pretty certain that in an emergency that knowledge would escape me.  Because of this I’ve been slack in the ‘try new foods’ department , I also have an issue with throw-up  so anytime Sassy makes that gaggy-I'm might barf face, I’m more than happy to not push the issue cause ya, know… I don’t want to get barfed on!  

So all you veteran Mommas out there: Any suggestions on how to transition to “big girl food”? I’d prefer not to leave the pediatrician’s office looking like this:
This is an old pic but I thought it was funny because I'm somehow frowning & smiling at the same time. Who knew that was even possible??
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