Pictures on Canvas

So I found this tutorial a couple of weeks ago over at Sassy Pepper and knew that my mom would love it.  I did mine just a little differently but the idea is basically the same and as such I can't take any credit or call it an "original thought". But here's what I did:

 What you'll need:

photos of the cutest baby EVER
Mod Podge (I like the Glossy), acrylic paint, 8x10 canvases, ribbon

Paint the outside edges of the canvases and around the top edge to so the white doesn't show when you trim down pics to fit. I used shiny black since I was using black and white photos.

After the paint is dry, coat the top of the canvas with Mod Podge

 I also Mod Podged the back of the photo but this is probably an unnecessary step.

Carefully place the photo on top of the canvas smoothing out any air bubbles. I've seen some tutorials that recommend flipping the canvas over face down on wax paper and weighing down with books and allowing to dry but I just let them dry as is and they were fine.

After they've had time to dry a bit, you can Mod Podge over the top of the photo. I used glossy MP but you can use whatever finish you prefer.

I chose to do 2 coats of Podge, the first brushing hortizontally across the photo and then again vertically after the first coat has dried overnight - this gives it a bit more of a 'canvas-y artwork' look. 

Once your Mod Podge top coat(s) have dried, I let sit for a full 24 hours but mostly because Mommy-duty took priority, staple your ribbon on the back of the canvas frame to the length that you want. I tied bows in mine only to discover after they were stapled in that the bow wanted to come untied when it was hung so I ended up sewing down the knot part of the bow so it stayed tied.

Here's the end result:

3 totally awesome pics to send to Grandma and just in time for her birthday!



Courtney @ We Three Dyes said...

Julie, I found you at "The Blog Guidebook." I thought your blog title was cute! This project is so neat! I can't wait to try it out with pics of my baby girl. Happy blogging, Cheers!


Pepper said...

These turned out adorable! I love how you brushed the Mod Podge in opposite directions to give it a canvas feel. So smart!

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