Hanging out on Barf Boulevard

Sick babies are the.worst.thing.ever! I hate when she doesn't feel good and makes her frowny-face all day (even if it is a cute frowny-face).  My usually sweet, happy baby is cranky {cranky-pants are the required dress code on Barf Boulevard, of course}and that makes me sad because it's proof that she doesn't feel good and apparently there's nothing I can do but wait it out and try to comfort her.

I hate the panic that sets in when she's sick and I don't know why. The constant wondering is it a virus, is something wrong with the milk or formula, is it something worse...is it my fault?? The trip to the doctor makes me feel like a crazy paranoid person when they say "it's probably just a stomach bug, I wouldn't worry too much"...really since when do moms "not worry too much"? Unless I read it wrong that was basically the job description...love them, feed them, and worry too much.
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