Super Terrific Tuesday {{2}}

I haven’t been keeping up with my goal of recognizing something positive in my life each week…life’s been a bit rough and tumble lately so stopping to think positively hasn’t exactly been at the top of my to-do list – although it should have been!

Let me tell you a bit about my amazing momma  – She was a baby herself when I came into the world…only 18 years old.
Excuse the grainy pic - it actually looks better now than the original I scanned!

 We grew up together in a lot of ways – she taught me how to read while she was studying while working her way through college. She worked hard and overcame numerous obstacles to make sure I {and my brother who came along 5 years later} had a good education and never did without the things we needed {and a good bit of what we wanted but didn’t need}.
Check out the frosted hair on my Momma!!

Some of my favorite memories with my mom are of us making stuff together. We used to make homemade play-doh that I could eat when I was done playing with it {which seems really gross now} we spent countless hours creating t-shirts and sweatshirts with puffy-paint and embellishments {did y’all know they still make that stuff??}
 Recipe for a quintessential 80's embarrassing photo: Puffy Painted sweatshirt - check, poofy hair because it's naturally curly and was brushed out - check

I remember begging her to take me to the craft store so we could buy friendly-plastic and make jewelry – which of course, she did. When I was teenager she tried teaching me to crochet but I thought I was way too cool to be crocheting and didn’t pay attention and never learned how to crochet anything more than a chain. When I was 30– she made my wedding veil.

Now that I’m “all grown up” we live 6 hours apart so we don’t get to make stuff together anymore and sometimes that makes me sad. BUT now we make things for each other which is just as special.
She taught me that I should always be myself. That it’s ok to be strong-willed and independent.  That fighting for what you believe in is always the right thing to do. That it’s ok to make mistakes, that our wrong turns in life lead us to the good stuff. That I shouldn’t get married until I was 30 {I do listen to my momma}.
Thanks to her I am who I am, like me or not this is me...there may be bits and pieces I’d like to improve but overall I know I’m a girl who makes her momma proud
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