TooToo Cute TutuTute {that's too-too easy}

Here's a quick and easy no-sew {because I don't know how} tutu-tutorial for ya.

Supplies Used:

2 yards tulle*

1 yard ribbon to match or coordinate*


*I made this for a 6 month old with a little bitty waist if you're sassy-pants is bigger you'll probably need a bit more*

First cut your tulle into strips approx. double the length you want your tutu. My strips were 3 inches wide and about 18 inches long.

You want to knot your tulle on the ribbon with a "cow hitch knot" by folding the tulle in half, then pulling the bottom through the loop at the top so it looks like a tie. You can use as many strips of the tulle for each knot as you want - I decided to use 3 for each knot so it was nice and full without having to have eleventy-five hundred knots. Keep knotting around the ribbon until it's long enough to fit around the waist of your too-too cute little princess. I started about 6 inches from one end of my ribbon and worked my way to the other end. If you need to you can slide your knots down the ribbon to make room for more knots.

After I had the length that I wanted I decided to go back through and add some shorter single strips between the big knots. To add fullness and because I wasn't paying attention when I was cutting and had some that was 12 inches instead of 18 - I have a bad habit of cutting first and measuring later -

When it's all done try it on your favorite model {or if she's napping like mine was} use your dog or a roll of paper towels.

Next up: a hair bow to match!
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