Party Pooper

We had a busy weekend at our house, my birthday was Saturday and Sunday was Rob's 1st Father's Day. We had big plans Saturday to venture out just the 3 of us for a little "tourist in your town" action and some delicious bbq at my favorite place.

But first Sassy had a surprise for Momma - my sweet little angel was having a grand ol' time bouncing away in her jumper, looking super cute in a bright pink sun dress; I was sitting about 4 feet behind her on the couch. She turned around so she could stare me down whilst jumping to the moon and declaring her affections for DaaaDaaa when I noticed the bottom of her foot looked wet. I assumed that she was just back to drooley-monster status thanks to those top two teeth trying to make their debut - well you know what that say about assumptions, right??

Aaaaand it was much, MUCH worse! My sweet little baby was not dancing in slobber, she was dancing in poop, smiling and laughing after I made this stomach-turning discovery, giving me a look that says "Happy Birthday Momma, I made this just for you". All the while, I'm wondering "how can you be SO cute and yet make something SO stinky"...

After a quick bath, wardrobe change, and insane Clorox-wiping/Swiffer wet-jetting/Lysol spraying attack on the floor, we made it out of the house and onto our adventures.

We visited the Angel Oak, it's said to be the oldest thing {natural or man-made} east of The Rockies and it's HUGE! Neither of us had ever been out to see it before, it's amazing how big this tree is in real life! Pictures just don't capture the enormity of it but here are a few anyway :)

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