Sippy-Cup Wars: Let the battle begin

Sassy is gettin' to be a big girl and that means new exciting things like eating "puffs" and drinking from a sippy-cup. Just so ya know, I'm one of those moms who is ready to be done with bottles; all that washing and sterilizing it's exhausting watching Rob do them every.single.night {yes, that's right ladies my honey does bottle-duty every day, I mean it when I say he's awesome!}

I've been slowly trying to work the cup into our routine but Sassy just wasn't having it. I started by pouring a bit of formula from her bottle into the cup and hoped that she'd drink it up. She wasn't having it - I would spend the next 15-20 minutes picking the cup up off the floor because to Sassy, sippy-cups are for throwing.

Last night I decided to try some juice in the cup, if I were Sassy I'd throw a cup of formula across the room too that crap stinks like old leaves!  So I loaded the cup with a few ounces of banana juice {am I the only who doesn't understand how they get juice from bananas? They're not juicy!}and this is the result:

Banana juice, meh I'd rather chew on the handle! And then chuck it across the room, of course :)


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Janie @ Romantic Domestic said...

She's a cutie! I know what you mean about the bottles...I am past ready for the diapers to leave our house. Ugggg

Romantic Domestic

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