Day 28: Something that stresses you out


Money or I guess I should say the absence of money. I knew that having a baby would greatly impact our finances but good grief is this kid expensive! With daycare, diapers, formula (seriously kicking myself for stopping the breastfeeding now!), baby food, clothes because she grows like a little weed, trips to the doctor because apparently we signed up for the monthly sniffles plan at daycare...the list goes on. Add to that almost $4/gallon gas and the ever increasing cost of everything.

It all manages to work out, week after week we manage and all our needs are met; no one's threatening to turn off the utilities and we have a cool place to sleep with food in our bellies. Sometimes it's hard to remember that even though times are tough for us there are plenty of people who don't have the things that we do.

Source: d.yimg.com via Julie on Pinterest

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