May Photo Hunt

Here are my photos for this month's hunt. If you'd like to join the fun check out Postcards from the PP for the details.

Something Blue

something blue
balcony of John M. Dunnan Gallery

Interesting Local Building

interesting building
Old City Jail - Charleston SC


Brick section of Church Street

Think Vintage


Street Light


Red Door

red door 1

Black & White Photo

b&w photo



Emergency Vehicle

fire truck

Butterfly - FAIL there's not a butterfly here but it certainly seems like a place butterflies would like

butterfly - fail

Cartoon Character - Cat in the Hat on Sassy's wall
{cheating this picture was not taken in May}

Sign of the Zodiac - my Gemini tattoo
{double cheating, I didn't take this photo and it was taken almost 2 years ago}



Louise said...

A lovely collection of photos, even if you did cheat a bit, lol!

I haven't seen any real butterflies either this month!

Little Blue Mouse said...

What fantastic photos! The blue people are great.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Awwwww...this is what I wanted MY blog to look like for this month's hunt!!! Your photos have inspired me to do a better job of collecting my photos this time so that I can present them well. I just plopped most of mine straight from my files this month because it got late. Anyway, your photos are lovely as always! Of course, the black and white entry must be everyones' fav! What a cutie pie she is.

H said...

What a sweetie in black and white! Also, you snapped a tandem! Brilliant!

Lisa said...

A little cheat is allowed when the butterfly's won't co-operate!
Love the Cat in the Hat.
Lisa x

Peonies and Pennies said...

Lovely photos (sometimes we need to cheat).

I was a bit late with my May list, I will do better for June.


Blessed Momma said...

A Photo scavenger hunt sounds fun! Iam addicted to my camera too! Found you via sits follow back forum. Iam your newest follower. :) your baby is a cutie!

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