Days 22 – 25

Day 22: What’s in Your Purse?

Publix receipt, diaper wipe case that I also cram a spare diaper in, this weeks' Publix ad, emergency baby entertainment, organizer (holds my coupons and grocery lists), wallet, keys, eye drops, lip balm, ipod

You know what wasn’t in my purse Friday evening? My laptop charger so I was computer-less all weekend. I’m not going to lie, it was kind of nice!

Day 23: Favorite Movie

We've already done this topic, you can see my answer here.

Day 24: Something you've learned

I've learned lots of things in my almost 32 years but I'm guessing that the original creator of this list meant something I've learned during this challenge. On that note, I've learned that I do all my blogging when I should be working. Shhh, don't tell! :)

Day 25: Put Your iPod on shuffle, what are the 1st 10 songs

Prepare to be amazed & astounded by my musical schizophrenia!

1. The Trees - Rush
2. Love Shack - B52's
3. Until It Sleeps - Metallica
4. Jackson - Johnny Cash
5. Hazy Shade of Winter - The Bangles
6. Dirrty - Christina Aguilera
7. Stars In Heaven - Jack Johnson
8. Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
9. Hair of the Dog - Nazareth
10. Rollout - Ludacris

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