Day 15 - Last 5 Pictures Taken With Your Phone

Ah, cell phone pics. I don't know how we ever functioned as a society without all this wonderful technology! How else would I send a pic of the thing I want my husband to buy at Walmart on his way home, or complain about the neighbors and their "Clampette-esque" habits, or snap cute pictures of Sassy when she's doing something cute and the good camera is in the other room??

It looks like he's biting her but they were taking turns growling at each other and she was cracking up.

This is the empty house next door to us - the guy across the street keeps piling stacks of tires in front of the door and I complain to the HOA on pretty much a daily basis about it. It looks so trashy!

Playing with a new "fish eye" app on my phone. We drink a lot of Dr. Pepper!

Sassy's first time on the living room floor - she loved slapping the floor like bongos. We were hoping she'd crawl but instead she spun around like a little break dancer and beat the crap out of the floors.

Baby Cage - so we don't have to worry about her getting trampled by dogs if she's in the living room floor. 
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