Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name

I started this lil’ blog about this time last year as a place to rant & rave about how much I hated being pregnant. No one is ever going to say “hey, you know that really perky, upbeat girl Julie” nuh-uh it’s more like “you know the girl who walks around looking like she’s totally PO’d all the time”...that’s me. I lack the ability to appear to be cheerful and the hormonal roller-coaster that is pregnancy didn't help one iota!
Source: wherethelovelythingsare.com via Julie on Pinterest

I wanted a name that was somewhat pregnancy related but quirky and not involving the words Bump or Preggers, because both of those words make me stabby. My pickle card buying BFF suggested Pickles and Ice Cream because, obviously everyone thinks of Pickles and Ice Cream when they think of pregnant women – has any one actually tried pickles and ice cream together?? Being that I was planning on using this as an outlet to produce mass pregnancy related complaints “I Scream” seemed to fit better than “ice cream” {and I don’t like ice cream so it was win-win}

After saving several posts as drafts, I decided that I didn’t want the entire internet to think I was a horrible person and going to be an unfit mother. In the end, those drafted posts served their purpose, after typing it out I felt better and now they are forever deleted. 

So that’s the story of Pickles & I Scream – I still like the name and I think it suits me. There are still times when I want to scream and pickles, they are delicious!
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