Dear Walmart,

That's right, I'm calling you out by name. There are a lot of reasons I could spout off complaints about you but today we're going to focus on a pretty simple one: The Re-Usable Grocery Bag {and your attitude towards them}

Now, I'm not a tree-hugging hippie who thinks plastic bags should be outlawed across the board. I find them easier to lug into the house since they have long straps, they hold a heckuva lot more than those plastic bags, the couple of insulated ones I have keep my cold stuff cold when it's 1000 degrees in my car, and they don't rip, spewing my purchases all over the parking lot halfway to the car (unlike your cheap plastic bags that rip if you look at them the wrong way). And most importantly, I can use them repeatedly and I don't have all those plastic bags to figure out what to do with.

One would assume that since you sell them that you'd encourage your customers to use them - why else would they buy them?? But every time I get to the checkout line and tell the cashier that I have my own bags; I get attitude, eye-rolling, and more than once I've been told that I'd have to bag my own groceries if I was using "them bags". What's the problem? Is it because none of my bags actually came from Wal-Mart? Publix had them first, so that's where I purchased my first few. I have a couple of others that came from various trade shows, charity races, and freebies from places using them as promos. By the time you guys jumped in on the reusable bag bandwagon I was stocked up. I don't get any flack from other stores when I give them my reusable bags that do not have their name on them. I've even had a few ask where I got a few of my awesomely big insulated bags (they're from freebies from a trade show). Is it that every check-out line I've gone through in my many shopping trips have been manned by reusable bag hating, bad attitude having, Wal-Mart employees (yeah, I guess that is possible)?

Maybe I should be happy to bag my own groceries; I don't smash my bread, stick boxes on top of tomatoes, or put toilet cleaner in the same bag as the cheese.



Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

...and to this I say, AMEN! :)

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

and one more thing...my husband just noticed your blog title and thinks it's quite clever!

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