Day 20: Nicknames

Before I tell you about my nicknames, I want to tell you about an anonymous comment I received yesterday {it was really rude and didn't make the cut so you won't see it if you go looking} asking me if I "seriously named my child Sassy, what a terrible name". For starters, what if I did?? Are you so superior that you dare judge what I name my child? There are people out there naming their kids all sorts of stupid names, Sassy is hardly the worst I've ever heard. But NO, that is not her real name. I call her Sassy or Sassy Pants because she's just that, she's had a spunky little attitude since before she was even born {rumor has it she gets it from her Momma}.

Now onto my nicknames...

Junebug - my Mom has always called me Junebug {I've always assumed it's because I was born in June but have never actually asked}

Dooley - my brother couldn't say Julie when he was little, he called me Dooley

Julie-Poolie -I got this a lot several years ago, no idea where this one came from but thankfully it seems to have stopped.

Jules - I'd say this is one that everyone named Julie gets called, I've even had people who don't know me very well call me Jules.


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Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

I've had a couple of disturbing "anonymous" comments. They don't make the cut on my blog either. I often wonder about the sad lives of those that can't stand for others to find simple joys...like meeting people you'll never see, but enjoying the company anyway. Thankfully the nice-ies out number the mean-ies!

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