Day 16 - Dream House

It would be on the side of a mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains

I love wood and rock exteriors and check out that awesome rounded porch on both levels!

2008 Golf Magazine Dream House
A pool is a must - I love these that look like natural springs.  I think I'd want to go with a bit more of a blue water look it doesn't look like you can see the bottom of this pool and that would freak me out. I'm not a fan of swimming in natural bodies of water (aka water I can't see the bottom of) due to my fear of snakes.
wide view with slide stream grotto waterfall wooden bridge

Inside I'd have a kick-ass shower that could blast the paint off a car 

A library full of books and comfy places to read

An awesome kitchen to make all my friends jealous since I don't cook (of course I suppose dream houses could come with personal chefs - since we're dreaming)

And a sassy playroom for Miss Sassy Pants

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